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Marketing strategy of Häagen-Dazs
by Fatine in

Positioning and Target

Häagen-Dazs tagets a niche market segment with high income. Häagen-Dazs is positionned with a strong differentiation regarding its competitors, and this was strengthened by the identification of the product in the category of luxury items. The brand is classified in the premium quality ice cream without coloring agents nor additives, with ingredients flavored naturally (Vanilla of Madagascar, Belgian chocolate, strawberries), selected inclusions (pecan nut, fresh grilled almonds, cookies of California), specific know-how and obsession of the quality.

Product policy

  • brand name and product name are the same
  • packaging easily recognizable
  • Häagen Dazs acts on three segments: the jars of 500ml, the mini-jars of 100ml and the huge sticks.
  • Häagen Dazs has introduced innovation into its products policy: flavors that differentiate the brand from its competitors.

Price policy

  • Coherent with its positioning as a luxury ice cream
  • Price 2 - 3 times more expensive than competitors
  • Price in France twice the one of the USA
Distribution policy

  • Exclusive shops: Stores, tea lounge
  • Hypermarkets
  • Partnerships: Restaurants, coffee shops, airlines, entertainment companies (Disneyland)

Communication policy

  • Sponsorship in big events: Roland Garros, Cannes festival, Trophy Lancôme
  • Use of fashion principles in advertisements (collection spring and summer): coherence with luxury brand positioning


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